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Engage clients and motivate employees with smart, secure technology

By 17th July 2017January 13th, 2021No Comments
Microsoft helps you run an innovative, agile and secure business using Microsoft’s complete cloud and analytics platform.

Expand client engagement

Put the client first to build profitable, loyal relationships and gain a competitive advantage. Smart cloud technology can help firms identify and reach potential clients and deliver personalized experiences to foster client loyalty.

Enable your team

Empower professional services workers by connecting them to the information they need to get more done and enjoy greater job satisfaction. Microsoft tools enable workers to be more mobile, more collaborative, more innovative, and more intuitive, without sacrificing trust or security.

Streamline your practice

Achieve a new level of agility, while meeting the professional services sector’s high standards for data security, client privacy, and regulatory compliance. Moving to the cloud can accelerate access to real-time contextual information and allow professional services organizations to operate in a more economical, secure, and responsive environment.

Common issues that businesses face

  • Acquiring new clients. It is a challenge for businesses to drive personalized and consistent marketing and sales. Most new clients come through referrals and word of mouth.
  • Client retention. Businesses want to find new ways to increase client loyalty and referrals, such as innovative experiences and improving the value of advice.
  • Increasing employee retention and improving morale. Professionals have portable skills and are not necessarily committed to long-term employment with a single firm. Employee turnover is costly.
  • Improving business insights. Businesses are seeking business intelligence systems to inform better decision-making for themselves and clients.
  • Streamlining processes. Employees spend time on labor-intensive manual processes such as hourly tracking and billing rather than on billable work.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements. Regulations can require extensive documentation and security measures.

How Microsoft helps with these issues

Use data insights to personalize client interactions. Gain a 360-degree view of the client’s relationship and interactions across sales, service, marketing, and claims management. Help coordinate relationship management efforts across people and channels by providing a single view of a client’s activities. Provide a more personalized and consistent customer experience and improve sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Foster client preference and loyalty by enabling customer service interactions when, where, and how clients prefer.  

Increase client loyalty and acquire new clients by transforming your customer delivery strategy. Attract new clients with a redesigned sales experience, integrate social marketing to engage clients within their personal networks, retain them with an innovative service experience, and gain a holistic view. Enable a more seamless and personalized customer journey by using sophisticated rules, analytics, and algorithms to better predict client needs.

Enable employees to get more done and achieve greater job satisfaction. Increase flexibility and encourage innovation across the firm, driven by interpersonal interactions. Microsoft productivity, enterprise social, collaboration, and unified communication tools can enable widely distributed and highly regulated professional firms to function as agile, innovative organizations—with capabilities that can be accessed across the PC, phone, and tablet.

Enable teamwork, anywhere on any device. Provide tools for professionals to collaborate with peers, including online meetings and co-authoring documents with multiple people in real time. Spend more time with clients by easily connecting with the right experts to efficiently resolve inquiries. Quickly find the people and information you need using powerful search tools.

Make faster, more informed decisions, based on real-time information. Connect to and import data from various data sources and legacy systems. Get breaking news and social feeds to identify trends and surface relevant content. Analyze market and competitive data and easily create.

Increase agility and reduce costs. Deploy new services and experiences by using a scalable and modular cloud-based infrastructure. Move completely to the cloud, or integrate cloud services with on-premises servers. Reduce service implementation and running costs with a comprehensive platform. Speed deployment and lower costs by enabling advanced device connectivity and management infrastructure. Minimize implementation risks and overhead costs with flexible solutions that can scale globally.

Help ensure security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. Be more efficient and effective while meeting regulatory requirements. Reduce the compliance burden and associated costs by ensuring that devices and client data are more secure and manageable. Efficiently respond to regulator requests for data while reducing time spent on eDiscovery and maintaining audit trails.

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