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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is being recognised globally as among the most critical elements of growth, sustainability and innovation. By harnessing BI, business leaders are able to boost efficiencies, eliminate waste, streamline decision-making and achieve critical competitive advantage.

In an era of disruptive and data-driven business, it is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a have-to-have!

So how does it work?

The Turrito Analytics BI solutions are able to gather data from numerous and disparate sources to provide actionable insights and advanced reporting. By using highly developed filters, we can derive different – and often vital – insights from the same sets of data. And you can query this data in English, simply by typing a question!

The insights gained with these tools may answer questions that weren’t being asked, probing and often transforming business processes. Some of the benefits you can expect are a better understanding of your customers’ buying habits, where you’re making more profit and how efficient your staff are – just to name a few. You will discover efficiencies that remove burdensome overheads, and streamline costs. You might even fundamentally change the strategic direction of your business.

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A real world example:

A custom software development business might implement Business Intelligence as a means of growing profitability. Many businesses like this get stuck in endless development cycles and never break out to the types of profitability made famous by Microsoft or Oracle. They could be tracking development time per module in Excel, sales in a CRM application and accounting in a typical accounting program.  Turrito Analytics would consolidate that data and configure a tool like Microsoft Power BI to reference and query it.

Now, a business owner would be in a position to ask questions such as: “what is my most profitable module?” or “which product is the fastest from development to sale?” The answers may surprise, and this business could move from custom software solutions to only selling one product. Or, the business could discover that it makes more money from financing software  – and stop development altogether!

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We provide the reporting and insight which unlocks our clients’ data.  Not only to transform their business but to keep it transforming.  In this age of disruption this is no longer a nice-to-have.  It’s a have-to-have.


Create customisable and interactive dashboards for your staff which shows real-time data relevant to their roles and performance indicators. Align these indicators with your business objectives and watch efficiencies soar.



Schedule automated and easy-to-understand reports for your staff and clients with relevant and meaningful data. Choose highly detailed or visually appealing and graphical templates or customise from scratch.



Every business has processes to follow in order to achieve goals. From creating a sales order to applying for leave there is a workflow which needs to be followed to ensure control and create scalability.



Emailing files like documents or spreadsheets is incredibly inefficient and leads to version control problems and bloated inboxes. Utilizing a collaboration platform means everyone works on the same file at the same time with text, audio or video chat and a host of other useful features.



Whether you need to comply with the POPI Act, GDPR or ISO standards, Compliance is a hot topic and not going away. Luckily at Turrito Analytics Compliance is built into every stage of our projects.



The digital world we live in means enormous amounts of data are generated daily. Saving on your hard drive or even the Cloud is no longer good enough and will often lead to version conflicts and confusion. Document Management means well organised files which are easily accessible, secure and always available.



By analyzing billions of queries, reports or statistics from similar businesses as yours, machine learning and AI can give suggestions and insight previously unheard of.



Our tools can gather your data from disparate sources, collate it, and provide actionable insights and reporting. In this time of disruption this isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a have-to-have.