Without AI, today’s business leaders are losing out on the predictive power of data.

Is your business missing a trick?

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Artificial Intelligence

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its primary subset, machine learning, have been around for many years, it is now firmly entrenched as a critical tool to power business growth. AI is unparalleled in how it can flag unexpected patterns in business data – thus enabling leaders to plan for growth. This powerful element of continuous pattern recognition is vital to innovation, scalability and sustainability within today’s disruptive enterprise environment.

When combined with the Turrito Analytics Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions, AI can provide today’s decision-makers with suggestions, insights and predictions to transform businesses from within.

Take, for example, sales forecasting.

Sales managers face the difficult challenge of constantly trying to predict their sales figures.  By harnessing AI, which would look at historical trends, number of sales people, similar industries and market sentiment, sales managers could predict – with an unparalleled degree of accuracy – what sales will close. As a result, the business is far better positioned to manage and plan inventory or sales recruitment.

When it comes to managing their staff, sales managers could use AI and dashboards to very clearly see which salespeople are going to hit their quotas – along with which outstanding deals will likely be closed. This, in turn, will allow a savvy manager to focus his/her attention on key salespeople and deals that will help the company hit its quota.

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Let’s look at reporting.

When using a Turrito Analytics dashboard or report you will probably start by asking the same questions you have always asked.  And although the output will be faster and more easy to understand it may not transform your business.  AI would be able to look at the type of data you are asking for, understand your goal (for instance ‘sales predictions’) and compare data with hundreds of thousands of similar data sets in similar industries, from reports pulled by people with your job description.  You might find out you weren’t asking the right questions!

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We provide the reporting and insight which unlocks our clients’ data.  Not only to transform their business but to keep it transforming.  In this age of disruption this is no longer a nice-to-have.  It’s a have-to-have.


Create customisable and interactive dashboards for your staff which shows real-time data relevant to their roles and performance indicators. Align these indicators with your business objectives and watch efficiencies soar.



Schedule automated and easy-to-understand reports for your staff and clients with relevant and meaningful data. Choose highly detailed or visually appealing and graphical templates or customise from scratch.



Every business has processes to follow in order to achieve goals. From creating a sales order to applying for leave there is a workflow which needs to be followed to ensure control and create scalability.



Emailing files like documents or spreadsheets is incredibly inefficient and leads to version control problems and bloated inboxes. Utilizing a collaboration platform means everyone works on the same file at the same time with text, audio or video chat and a host of other useful features.



Whether you need to comply with the POPI Act, GDPR or ISO standards, Compliance is a hot topic and not going away. Luckily at Turrito Analytics Compliance is built into every stage of our projects.



The digital world we live in means enormous amounts of data are generated daily. Saving on your hard drive or even the Cloud is no longer good enough and will often lead to version conflicts and confusion. Document Management means well organised files which are easily accessible, secure and always available.



By analyzing billions of queries, reports or statistics from similar businesses as yours, machine learning and AI can give suggestions and insight previously unheard of.



Our tools can gather your data from disparate sources, collate it, and provide actionable insights and reporting. In this time of disruption this isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a have-to-have.