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5 tips to successfully work from home

By 24th March 2020January 13th, 2021No Comments

Stick to your normal starting time!  

…Or get started earlier.  Try not to push back your starting time as this can become a habit. 

The best way to get going and sticking to a schedule is to have a Teams meeting with your colleagues or manager. Having this kind of meeting makes sure that everyone in the team is up and ready for a day of working from home and it sets a clear starting point. 

As you would at work, share a virtual cup of coffee with your co-workers and catch up on the accomplishments of yesterday and the tasks for the day.   

Set tasks for the day  

Setting tasks for the day may sound simple, and it is. Task setting is important because not only does it keep you busy, it helps with the functioning of the team.  Your team members will be more likely to work harder by seeing others accomplish tasks throughout the day. This can help drive production, sales and admin tasks.   

Task tips:  

  1. Pace yourself!  Trying to do everything in the morning will negatively impact you and you may get burn-out which is counterproductive 
  2. Set realistic goals 
  3. You will be amazed at what you can achieve without the normal day-to-day office interruptions 
  4. Use project planning and task management software such as Trello and Microsoft Planner 

PS: It can get lonely. You can see the availability status of your colleagues through Teams… Have a quick chat.  

Take normal (or more frequent) breaks  

Remote working can create one of 2 situations: you either never take a break or you procrastinate. Make sure you do take normal breaks as you would at the office, and try to get into a routine  Maybe a 5-minute break every 30 minutes.  Or a 1 hour break every 3 hours.  Doing something physical, while not always possible, is highly recommended. 

Work when you work  

There is evidence to suggest that working from home has benefits such as better work-life balance, improved mental well-being and increased productivity. Enjoy the freedom you have at home but make sure you are getting your work done when it’s requiredBusinesses depend on everyone playing their part. So when you sit down to go through emails, set aside an adequate amount of time and make sure the door is closed and everyone knows you’re unavailable.   

When it is time to knock off, do just that  

Avoiding burn out is important so make sure you do not overwork yourself past the point of no return. If you normally finish work at 5 PM, finish at 5 PM.  Or if you’ve taken more breaks than normal during a day finish up later but don’t keep extending. 

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