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Increase customer engagement and acquisition with smart cloud solutions

By 15th January 2018January 13th, 2021No Comments

Build personalized experiences and connected sales processes through digital transformation.

Technology is increasingly central to everything. Data volumes continue to rise. Ever-more-sophisticated data analysis enhances our ability to translate data into insights. Access to digital services plays an increasing role in everything we do. And the ubiquity of technology provides you the opportunity to grow, adapt, and evolve to meet the changing needs of your customers and the new business opportunities of tomorrow by thinking and operating like a digital company.

Technology is transforming industry after industry.  And technology is not just adding capability, but it’s also changing business models and ways of doing business.  Businesses need to change to survive – to develop new capabilities by transforming themselves into digital companies with systems of intelligence that leverage every system, device, process and asset across the organization.

Technology is making dramatic changes to the world of work. It’s shaping business growth, upending old ways of doing business and driving the invention of new industries, business models, products, and services.

Businesses of all sizes are facing similar pain points and opportunities as they modify and adjust business models to fit this new world of work. Looking at midsized organizations, Microsoft has identified a set of shared challenges and areas of opportunity, where the right technology solutions can help businesses like yours capitalize on the digital opportunity and exceed business goals.

  1. Empower your employees by helping boost team productivity. You can improve employee experiences and effectiveness by designing a workplace that securely supports mobile teamwork and flexible workstyles.
  2. “Engage your customers” refers to the opportunity for you to increase new customer acquisition and deepen your engagement with customers using data to build personalized experiences and connected sales processes.
  3. Optimize operations is about driving efficiency. What we’re talking about is streamlining your operations and accelerating responsiveness by using flexible technology and intelligent processes.  End result: Drive maximum business efficiencies.
  4. Transform your products – or more broadly – innovate with agility. You can innovate business processes, products, and experiences by using data as a strategic asset to nimbly differentiate and capture new revenue opportunities.

Outdated or obsolete IT can limit a businesses’ ability to address key challenges and opportunities.  If legacy technology is standing in your way, how can you get more out of your existing investments and acquire the other capacities you need, without breaking the bank?

Are there ways that technology could automate or simplify your sales processes?  How effectively are you gaining new customers and retaining the ones you have? With malware and cyber attacks becoming the norm, how can we keep our customer data safe and private?

When it comes to increasing customer engagement, technology can support your business in three specific ways:

  • Sales productivity. Connect sales, marketing, and services teams and eliminate repetition in order to allow your staff to accomplish more sales.
  • Customer acquisition and loyalty. Use customer data to identify and act on sales opportunities and increase relationships with existing customers.
  • Privacy and security of customer data. Help ensure the safety of customer information by securing apps, data, and networks.

In other words, technology can help you improve sales productivity, enhance customer acquisition and loyalty, and keep customer data safe and private.

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